Monster "MAX" 21.5T ROAR Spec Brushless Motor
Monster "MAX" 21.5T ROAR Spec Brushless Motor
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Product Description

Monster MAX ROAR Spec 21.5t Brushless Motor

Standard Race SPEC Features: •Newly Designed Low Resistance Stator •Red Insulators Removed for less resistance and increase air flow •Black Thermal Epoxy for better heat dissipation leading to “no fade" •High Torque Rotor

Designed for all out power and speed needed for Extreme On-Road and Off-Road Racing, Pan Cars, Touring Cars and 1/10 Off-Road Buggies •Monster Horsepower Series is all new! •Aluminum based sensor board for true sensor alignment •Infinite Timing Adjustment •2mm Copper Tabs •Thicker Pure Copper Solder Tabs and Collector •Thermal Stator Coating for the best heat dissipation possible •Turbine style vented nose •More Vents for More Cooling •New 220C wire coating •Certified Gauge High Temperature Wire •New Short Stack Stator Design •New Stator Material •Grade 5 Ball Bearings •Uses all D3.5, D4 and 24K Rotors


(Tuning Option Service +$15.00)

•Production motor •Thorough visual inspection for any issues including timing, shimming and loose screws •Each and every production motor Stator is tested and only the TOP 5% are labeled as Team SPEC 5%


(Tuning Option Service +$65.00)

•Custom built and hand assembled just like our Team Driver Motors •Buying a Certified Motor is the closest anyone can get to buying a Trinity Team Motor. Example: Asymmetry in a brushless motor could be anywhere from "0" to "30 plus". Certified Plus will have no higher than a "4" so you never see a rotor higher than a "4" in the "PLUS" line. •The other advantage will be each and every CERTIFIED Team SPEC 5% (Plus) motor will come with a complete print-out after running the motor on the Motolyser. •Ceramic Red-Sealed Bearings installed (Front and Rear) •Rotor shimmed for alignment •Sensor Board adjustment and timing set •NEW HIGH GAUSE Rotor •CERTIFIED Team SPEC 5% (Plus) Rotor and Stator

Certified Motors will come Tuned with timing set for your particular scale of racing and the listed Rotor Installed

TEP1507X1 1 Cell On-Road

•12.5mm •TEP1112 High Torque Rotor - Turquoise

TEP1507X2 2 Cell Touring Car

•12.5 x 25.5mm Long •TEP1119 High Torque Rotor - Copper

* MAX Voltage 11.1v 3Cell Lipo Battery

** Any testing numbers shown are for photo purposes only. Actual numbers vary by turn and actual motor itself.